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Best Activities to Beat Toddler Boredom

Best Activities to Beat Toddler Boredom


I’m sure you don't need an academic study to tell you that keeping kids interested is tough, especially toddlers.

Typically, if a child is not kept mentally stimulated, their focus will drop off in around 3-10 minutes.

We thought we would try and help you mix it up, and write up a fun list of things that can be done around the house as a boredom beater especially with winter creeping up.

Here are our best tips from the team at Luvabub to both entertain and educate the little mind or minds in your household  (who might be driving your big mind a little crazy).


  • Create a Fort


  • There’s nothing that is more fun than having a magical area for kids to hide, explore and let their imaginations run wild.

    Nothing beats a good fort, so get creative!  

    Find cushions and stack them – leave large gaps for children to crawl through, get them involved; “pass the cushion” “where should we put this”  etc.

    It’s fun and it also helps teach little ones about progress and results. You could have a little picnic and serve their lunch in there, as long as you don’t mind a little mess!


    Make a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt!  

    Hide treats or toys (they don’t have to be new) around the house, wrap them up in craft paper or old gift-wrap and place them in safe areas.

    Then, encourage your toddler to go find them with easy clues.  For example, you might hide something under their bed…

    Or just ask them to find you something semi-specific like something small and red etc. and work with them to continue learning about shapes and colors.


    Scoop and Pour

    Toddlers love to scoop things up and pour them out.

    Try grabbing a variety of dry pasta shapes and give your child a ladle or a large scoop, and let them fill up boxes or plastic containers with as much pasta as they want! This should keep them busy for a good half hour (if you’re lucky!)


  • Tower of Fun

  • Make a fun game out of building a tower!

    Get your little problem solvers to use items of different shapes and sizes to build a tower. If you’ve got multiple rugrats at home,

    you can turn it into a friendly competition. It’s good to stack empty Tupperware or cardboard; anything that is light enough that it won’t injure your little one in case the tower isn’t very structurally sound.

    If you don’t have carpet in your play area, you can always put down a blanket or towel at the base.


  • Puzzles

  • Store bought puzzles are fun, but it’s also fun to make your own!

    Have your toddler draw a picture on a sturdy piece of cardboard or foam board. Then use a pen or pencil to outline puzzle pieces directly on their drawing.

    You can cut out the pieces with a good pair of scissors, mix them up and they can get solving. To keep multiple kids entertained, have each child make a puzzle for another to solve, and have a race to finish!


    Picture Game

    Make your own picture game! All you need is a container and some pictures!

    You could even have your child help you source the images.

    Try cutting out images of everyday items from magazines or newspapers (cars, houses, animals, etc).  

    Then, call out the images and have your toddler find the corresponding image and place it in the container.


  • Play Guess What?  

  • This is an easy game where your child has to guess what the object by feeling it.

    You can either cover their eyes or place the objects in a box with a hole cut out on top that’s large enough for them to fit in their little hands in without actually seeing what is inside.

    Try putting in different foods, or stuffed animals.


  • Pot a Plant

  • While this can be quite a messy task (and probably better for in the laundry room or garage), I wanted to include it because it was always one of my favorite things to do as a little kid.

    It’s really cool to watch the plant that you carefully potted grow and change. Caring for plants is also a relatively easy way to encourage responsibility with your little one.


  • Coloring In


    An old classic but coloring in books are great fun and mentally stimulating.

  • Make or download coloring in pages, for easy and fun entertainment, they encourage creativity and are a great mental break for the busy little toddler, we have Luvabub coloring pages that you can download for free as well!

    It makes it all that much easier to start creating!

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