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6 Christmas Family Traditions Your Kids Will Never Forget!

6 Christmas Family Traditions Your Kids Will Never Forget!

Remember some crazy Christmas family traditions from when you were growing up? Sure, they were funky, but you probably LOVED them and looked forward to the quirkiness every year.

These holiday traditions may have stuck with you, so now you pass them onto your own Christmas enchanted nuggets.

It's that time of year again, and your kiddos are probably getting psyched about the holidays. What better way to boost the Christmas spirit then come up with some new family traditions that your munchkins will never forget?

Your kids may love them so much that they'll pass them down to their children too!

1. Hide the pickle

We've got to start with one of the oddest traditions but also one of my favorites. If you go to any Christmas store, most likely, there will be a section of ornaments dedicated to pickles.

One year, my mom decided to start the hide the pickle tradition. There are contradicting suggestions about how this random tradition began. Some say it’s an old German tradition and others say it was a 19th-century marketing scheme, no matter, it’s fun!

Here's how it works. You buy a pickle ornament (not a real one, although that would be an interesting dill surprise) then hide it in the tree. Next, watch as your family competes to find the pickle!

We did this on Christmas Eve, and it’s hilarious! Your kids will have a frenzy going at the tree.

Now if you have younger children, you might want to put the pickle on one of the outside branches, so your toddler is not tackling the tree.

 The hide the pickle tradition stayed with me. I'm now 36 years old, and I plan on finding the pickle with my family again this year, thanks, Mom!

2. Decorate together

Before I had children, I put a cheap, fake Christmas tree in the corner and called it a day. However, having children opened my eyes again to aspects of Christmas I was missing, especially decorating.

Now we keep decorating a family affair. Not only are the kids involved with the tree, but they also help out with all the little touches around the house.

It's amazing how excited a three-year-old can get over hanging a wreath or handing you a bunch of jumbled Christmas lights.

 Sure, we're not professional interior designers, but that's also part of the fun. After all, Christmas is also about being together.

 Plus, the crooked stockings are wonderful discussion pieces.

3. Matching PJ's

Sure, you've seen the pictures of families all dressed up in the same pajamas. Yeah, it may be cheesy, but what a fantastic holiday tradition!

These photos are mementos to keep throughout the years. Plus, you can always count on a new pair of pajamas (my favorite attire).

It's true that buying a set of family pajamas can put a dent in your wallet, imagine trying this with a family of 10!

Thank your lucky elves because around Christmas, there are some great sales on family sets.

If your husband or teenagers are not into it, they can suck it up, because these photos will be timeless and bring back many family memories. They'll appreciate it in the long run.

 As for any young kiddos in the family, they'll eat this family tradition right up.

4. Christmas movies

My husband just found these socks online that say on the bottoms, “Don't mess with me, I'm watching Christmas Hallmark movies.” That's me, but in addition to the good old family Hallmark movies, we find other movies like Rudolph and Santa-themed films.

We love watching these together in preparation for Christmas. Come December it's rare for anything else in my house to be on the TV.

You may think that's overkill, but to me, it's an opportunity to watch all the uplifting Christmas films as well as the classics that I enjoyed when I was a kid.

My brothers and I used to love the Christmas Story Marathon that still plays 24/7.

Unfortunately, my youngsters are not at the stage where they can enjoy it, Oh fudge! But I look forward to the day when they do.

For now Rudolphit is, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

5. Have a baking party

Every Christmas we go over to my parent’s house, and we have a baking extravaganza. Now when I say baking, we aren't cooking cookies from scratch, we buy a bag of mix. But feel free to get crazy and make them however you'd like.

We also find some pre-packed gingerbread houses and have a blast! This is one of those Christmas family traditions that's messy, but part of the fun.

Bring your camera to take a picture of your kiddo with a flour-tipped nose and also be prepared for some of the most interesting Christmas cookies you've ever seen.

Your friends and family will love them because of the tasty imperfections and loads of frosting.

6. Give back

It's easy to get lost in all of the materialism during Christmas. My son will see a toy he likes and sometimes says, “I'll wait till Christmas.”

I have to explain to him that there's more to Christmas than toys and Santa.

One of the most important holiday themes, of course, is giving. So a tradition we started is sponsoring a child for Christmas. Since I have two boys, we chose to sponsor a girl this year.

Good thing because my three-year-old was not really interested in the doll (although I told him that boys can play with dolls too).

Instead, he was trying to fill up the cart with trucks. Okay, the shopping spree was still a bit difficult, but the lesson was worth it. My sons left the store empty-handed

The outing also sparked a brilliant discussion about giving, and as we know, that's the true meaning of Christmas. Passing that lesson on to my children means more than all of the traditions I explained above. 

So this Christmas, think about coming up with some new family holiday traditions. Some are super easy. Others take a little bit more time. But no matter what holiday family traditions you choose, your kids can still learn about giving and the power of family.

And that's something that will stick with your children more than all of the toys in the world.

On behalf of everyone here at Luvabub, Merry Christmas!



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